Let The Ceremony Assistant help you organize the plan for your wedding vendors and guests. We setup your customized (password protected) web site allowing your friends and family to book their hotel accommodations, get information about the local area, and purchase items from your gift registries. We work with your vendors to build a timeline for the day of your wedding; assuring that all of your professionals know where they need to be.

We use the floor plan from your venue to create your personalized, electronic seating chart; making it effortless for you to place your guests quickly. The file can also be used to print a table map for display at the reception to help everyone find tables, restrooms and activities.

You already know the kind of wedding you want. You may have plenty of people willing to help. Perhaps you want to do it all yourself. You don’t need a planner… but

What if you’ve overlooked something important?
What if the weather changes?
What if someone doesn’t show up or do their job?
What if you can’t get it all done in time?
What if you are so tired that you can’t enjoy your own wedding?

Our mission is to support Your plan

  • Your colors
  • Your ideas
  • Your styles
  • Our hard work
  • Your perfect wedding

We will assist with the hectic, behind-the-scenes tasks that cause stress and anxiety. We will make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything important. We will work around your schedule and make connections during business hours when you can’t. We will make sure that everyone knows Your plan and are told anytime something changes.

You can ensure that your big day will be a big success!

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