The Ceremony Assistant is a service-based company who provides organizational assistance to those planning their own weddings. With data bases and schedules customized to your specific event, you can manage your own efforts more efficiently.

You already know the kind of wedding you want. You have lots of help from people around you. You don't really need a planner, but the time it takes to coordinate it all is more than you can spare.

That's where The Ceremony Assistant comes in. We understand that people are highly motivated and energetic when starting a large project like a wedding, but really don't know how much time it takes to make it all happen.  We will organize your electronic data, keep the lists up to date, setup a website for your friends and family to view, and send you email reminders for your important meetings.

Our mission is to put all of your data together in easy to use formats. We will confirm the appointments you've made, and remind you where you need to be and when. Your guest lists, seating charts, and calendars will be updated for you so you can spend time enjoying the best part of your wedding planning.

Through communication, online schedules, and electronic files, we will create a more organized event, so you can relax and have a fun, stress-free experience.